We have moved our operations to

Penny University at 402 East Coast Road. Same menu, same team, same quality.

Coffee workshop
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Venue is at Penny University.
Fresh salad
Steak with beetroot puree
Soft shell crab, compressed watermelons

Seasonal produce prepared with love, set in the heartlands

"Cooking is like love, it should be entered into with abandon, or not at all."

We are a young team passionate in bringing out the best of fresh and interesting ingredients to share with our customers. The best way to describe our cuisine is "mostly modern, sometimes traditional, but often playful". Largely influenced by the culinary travels of our founder, Mouss Kamal, we strive to open up new perspectives to often familiar ingredients through creative interplay of textures, colours, architecture and flavours on the plate.

Farm artichokes
Salad tossing, vibrant colours

Outstanding coffee

Penny University is one of the leading coffee houses in Singapore and we are set up by the founder of Penny University. So expect stunning coffee! Sweet, creamy, complex and with a clean finish. Expect to be occasionally surprised by playful coffee cocktails, pour overs and lively cold brews.

Coffee bar, dramatic lights
Latte art, espresso
Sweet espresso, nectar of the Gods

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